Who among us has not been intrigued by simple trivia about the day or year that we were born?

I, for one, was curious to know a few things happening in the world on the day I entered it. Given that "birth" is a life event that all people experience, providing these interesting tidbits of information in a lifebook for your adopted child holds the same significance as it would for anyone. Why not devote a page or two in the lifebook to a condensed time capsule!

Try to ascertain the weather or news from the day your child was born and include that information in the lifebook. Other ideas would be to find out the #1 song from that time, political leaders, the price for a gallon of milk, pro sports and movie stars, etc.

Once you've tackled the "birth" page (showing a copy of the birth certificate if you have it) here are a few online resources to help fill in other details about that special date in history:

The following web site is dedicated to time capsules and has "year in review" information for every year going back to 1991. It has the top 10 songs, movies and TV shows of the year, the winner of all major sporting events for the year, trends and fads, and major headlines.


If you're looking for something down to a specific day, try this one: http://www.440.com/twtd/today.html

What about names of famous people that share the same birthday? Dennis Quaid and Keshia Knight Pulliam share my birthday. :) www.famousbirthdays.com

Good luck with your lifebooks!

Jennifer Demar