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This layout was done by me. It is the second in a series of birthmother and adoption plan pages. It talks about how my daughter was with her birthmother for the first 18 months of her life and why at that age she was made available for adoption.

I used the pink baby and pink lettering to talk about the baby age and the red toddler girl and red font when discussing the 18 month age. The 12 little doll die cuts form a border in the middle and represent the 12 siblings in the family of the birthmother. The fourth is highlighted because the birthmother was 4th in birth order.

At the bottom of the page is a grid which shows four of the simple needs a child has and has stickers or embellishments to provide examples of each. The clothes, toys, and the baby bottle next to the pink baby are all from the same product, the Jolees baby girl outfit package, and are 3D, which really adds a nice dimension to the page.