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This layout is a one-month photo of my daughter's biological half sister taken while she waited in Guatemala. It is an example of what could be done with a 12x12 paper to accommodate a scrapper that prefers 8.5x11 pages in a lifebook. It also shows the use of a "journaling block", an area reserved for writing a caption. (I am letting Jordyn's mother handle the journaling part!)

To decorate the journaling box, I matted white on patterned paper (actually part of the paper that was left when I trimmed the 12x12 down to 8.5x11 -- but a second 12x12 page could accomplish the same look if two sheets were purchased) and then again on white. I wrapped a fiber around the edge of the box to match the pretty background paper and then threaded one strand of the fiber through an actual button. With the buttons in the centers of the flowers (printed on the paper) I thought the 3D button on the journaling box added a nice touch.