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This two-page spread was donated to my site by a fellow Guatemama. Her notes indicate that the pictures were from the foster family (via the attorney) in Guatemala. On the "Dream" page, she stenciled that onto a 'little prince' themed page. The yellows in the background are crowns, and the royal-looking design on the bottom right is also stencil. She used the yellow to tie the second page with it and pull the blue out into frames. The second page has yellow vines stenciled onto the blue stock. I used the sticket buttons to hold my journaling block. The embellishments are from Jolee's-and the quilt and teddy bear on opposite pages are from one set.

Any number of baby boy items would be great on a page like this, one that features such a handsome young man! The Chiquitines Baby Boy would be perfect for a handsome young man from Guatemala!