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This is one of the few layouts were Maria helped me quite a bit. Most of them I do on my own after she is in bed for the night! :)

The die cuts at the bottom are "layered" to create somewhat of a scene. I originally had two palm tree die cuts, one in brown and the other green so I could have more color, but then Maria said she preferred to have it look like a silhouette (my word and not hers, of course!) and she tucked the base of the palm tree behind the volcano border. Then she layered the temple die cut on *top* of the volcano. I convinced her to put it under the palm tree and then let her draw the smoke coming out of the top of the volcano.

Everything in this layout is available on the web site except for the sun photo frame, which I made myself. The smaller of the two Mayan ruins was hand cut out of the "South America" paper (which is available in both 8.5 x 11 and 12 x 12).