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This is the second page in my son's lifebook. I knew his lifebook was going to be tough because so much of what we now believe to be true (based on a post-adoption interview with the birthmother) contradicts the documentation (the social worker's report of the birthmother interview conducted as part of the adoption process) we received upon completion of his adoption. So, what I decided to do was write the lifebook with what we believe is true and then use "hidden journaling" and write alternate text based on the other (documented) source. This will occur on a small handful of pages.

In this layout, I made a pocket by adhering the map along the bottom and sides to the page. Then I glued a cardstock pull tab to a smaller note-sized piece of cardstock on which I wrote the additional thoughts. (The map I found on the internet, but I could have also used the Central America vintage map paper.)

The primary text, shown in the lower left was written on cardstock. The torn edge of the cardstock was chalked with colors that would match the layered deckle squares. The Mayan Dog rubber stamp was one in my personal collection and is perfect because it is similar to one of the photographs I found online of a stone carving in Scott's city of birth.