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I don't have anything in my inventory that was specifically used in this layout but journaling boxes could be used. In this example, the journaling was done on oval shapes. This layout was contributed with the following notes: (The last name was blurred for privacy at the owner's request.)

Ronald: You were named after your grandfathers. Your first name was from your Dad's father. His name was Ronald Douglas . He was born on June 22, 1922 in Greening Island, Maine. Your Grandpa served in the United States Army and fought in World War II, where he was injured and received a purple heart. After his service in the Army he worked as a pipe fitter and a draftsman for Electric Boat. He liked to hunt, fish and go camping. Erik: Your middle name came from your Mother's father. His name was Roy Erik Knudsen. He was born November 19, 1937 in Brooklyn, New York. His family came from Norway, and he was the first person in his family to be born in the United States. This Grandpa was also in the Army. After the Army he worked for State Farm Insurance. He was a very friendly, happy person who loved taking his family water skiing every summer. Dmitry: You have two middle names. Your second middle name is Dmitry. This was your first name when you were born in Russia. We wanted to name you after your two Grandpas, but also wanted to keep your Russian name, so you ended up with a long name. In Russia the nickname for Dmitry, is Dima. This is what everyone called you. Dmitry is a very common name in Russia. : Your last name is because this is your Dad's last name. Children are usually given their Dad's last name, which is then carried on through other generations by their sons. Until you became our son, your Dad was the last boy with the last name of . Now you can carry on the family name.