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This Chinese zodiac page uses rubber stamps to create the border of animals in the Chinese zodiac. The text is on vellum and then matted on torn silk papers. The vellum is fastened to the paper with pastel purple brads. I would envision finishing off this page by putting a charm of the Chinese zodiac on the tag in the lower right corner and then use the open white space to journal about under which sign the child was born -- also perhaps listing some of the traits associated with being born during a specific year. You could also take the appropriate paper cut out of the set of zodiac animals to put on the page.

Example: "Lily, you were born in 2001, under the year of the Snake. People born in the year of the Snake are rich in wisdom and charm, romantic, deep thinking, with a strong intuition to guide you. The Chinese character for 'snake' is shown on this charm."