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This layout shows pictures of Maria and her birthmother taken on the day that DNA samples were taken in Guatemala. Having the birthmother and child DNA-tested is one of the ways that the American government helped reduce the likelihood of improprieties in the Guatemalan adoption system. Although I don't touch on that fact in the lifebook, I included this page because I am able to include the only other pictures (albeit only photocopies I received with the DNA test results) I have of her birthmother. I also thought it would provide a reassuring contrast to the picture from the day of relinquishment where the birthmother has a blank stare and Maria is seen crying.

The scanned photocopies were printed on clear vellum and then placed over the fingerprint vellum. I chose a pastel green cardstock to lay under the best of the three photos and to use as a place to journal. Floral punch art provides basic decoration and a little color to the otherwise black and white papers. The scan of the two fingerprints is adhered with colored mini-fasteners, the fourth one going through the center of the flower punchie. The journaling was done by hand with a green Zig pen to balance with the green in the cardstock and leaf punchies.

The faces and fingerprints of both Lidia and Maria were blurred to protect their privacy.