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The creator of this layout shares the text of the poem on the page:

"The story of my child is simple and sweet
A reminder to all what God does is never incomplete.
For God knew her and called her by name.
Then placed her in our hearts before this day ever came
from the seed of a man in this life she may never know
and the womb of a woman whose love this story unfolds.
She was given as a gift by this special two,
and simply no words of thank you could ever do.
When our lives were often saddened, our dream cruelly shattered,
the foundation remained stable, because our God is well able.
As we gaze at this child all happy, healed, whole and complete
We rejoice in God's victory and Satan's defeat.
For she is our joy, this vibrant present filled with life.
She has been called for a purpose in the kingdom of light.
For those who don't know the whole story that has been told,
Our little "Princess" has a gift of her own.
We hope you all realize that she is more than just irresistibly sweet,
but has been chosen to be a blessing to all whom she meets.
Today we adopt our daughter, all legal and all paid,
for we are the proud and busy parents of Makenzie Nicole this day!"