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This layout is an example of what can be done in a lifebook to honor a child's birth country. In this case, the page focuses on various arts and crafts particular to China, Cloisonne', paper cutting, glass beads, silk threads, etc.

There are two different products from the 'Facts and Legends' line which provide some history and background information / trivia. The background page is a sheet of handmade paper with pink silk threads. In the upper left corner is a paper cut 'Fu' (good luck) symbol, which is adhered to the page with spray adhesive. The 'Sharing the Arts' title is made out of porcelain beads, with small gold balls and faceted red Chinese glass beads as spacers. They are strung on red memory wire and gold paper fasteners are holding the wire to the underside of the paper. The cloisonne' bead is also attached with red memory wire. I created one journaling box with white cardstock matted on top of black and a simple design drawn on the black mat with a metallic gel pen. The more decorative journaling box was left blank in the lower right corner. The 'China' die cuts at the top of the page were doubled up for a shadow effect. This die cut is available in red, black and metallic gold. I used black on top of metallic gold for this page.

After everything was adhered to the page, the sheet of pink silk paper was mounted on top of a blank sheet of white cardstock. Now, the paper fasteners and memory wire that were placed through the silk paper aren't hanging free on the back side, they are sandwiched in between the pink silk paper and the white cardstock.