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The layout artist tells me…

Jennifer -- this layout is, without a doubt, the strangest one I've ever done (thus far!). I was trying to do a "heritage" type of page -- one side for "Mayan Guatemala" and one side for "Spanish Guatemala." I tried to illustrate it sort of like a storybook might be, with rather minimal journaling (for me).

I had to cut down the "night sky" paper I used at the top of both pages (it had big planets & such on it!!!) I tried to keep the background of both pages a continuous landscape, hoping to convey a feeling that it is the same land, yet two different lands.

On this page (the Mayan page) you will notice that I used your Mayan Dog rubber stamp. However, it was too big for the page, so I stamped a piece of paper & scanned it, scaling it down & inserting it into my PrintMaster header. The corn stalks & temple are PrintMaster graphics, the stella & Mayan roundstone calendar are scanned photos we took, the girl weaving I admit to taking from the cover of "Abuela's Weave" & coloring. I wasn't sure about using it, but it was the best I could find for my page. The tree trunk I free cut. The Mayan glyph on the journaling block will be used again later; it's Rachel's name in glyphs. The cloth for the weave & the journal mat is my own.

I was not sure at all about this layout when I was working on it, but I've actually grown to like it by now.