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This layout features my new Guatemala paper and provides an example of the national symbols from my daughter's country of birth. This could be modified for any country, or, if for a U.S. domestic adoption, could be done for any state or city in the country.

The flag and the word "Guatemala" were both taken from the Guatemala destination sticker. The quetzal coin is inside a memorabilia pocket (I sell them in four different sizes and also in an assortment pack. Also, for some countries, I have a coin and memorabilia pocket combination. If you haven't traveled yet, remember to bring back some coins!)

The colorful quetzal (National Bird) was printed from an image found on the internet, as were the National Seal and the National Flower. The other quetzal bird was stamped and embossed with "titanium" (the color) embossing powder. All journaling was done with metallic gel pens on black cardstock.

Although it is hard to tell, the first mat on Maria's photo and also the mat for the embossed quetzal were run through a paper crimper to give added dimension. Also, the National Seal, after being printed (and meticulously cropped!) was mounted on the black cardstock with a pop dot, giving it a really neat 3D appearance in person.