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Here are the notes supplied with this layout:

Re: this particular layout (Legends of Guatemala), I used one of the headers like you sell (actually I bought this particular one from a show here, because of the red writing on it; I used yours just last week. I colored it w/colored pencils & attached it to a backing; corner border by PrintMaster, gold embossing via pen & powder on title block, as well. . Used your Legend of the Worry Doll (although I admit to redoing it on white vellum rather than pink; it matched better), and your Jade Legend vellum. Wrote up the Men of Maize vellum myself, layered over a graphic of an ear of corn attached over your Guat. paper. Your Guat. paper goes with TONS of stuff. Yarn on 1st page by another vendor.

Also used your jade beads, along with some jade-like beads I took off a shirt(!). The diamond-shaped Jade-looking beads were given to me by one of your other Scrap-and-Tell members in my area.