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This layout is compliments of Julia J., mom to two girls from China. Upon first glance, it appears to be just a Christmas layout. In fact, it is so much more! The notes Julia provides state ". . . it means so much more to me than just the time of the year. It's about the night my life changed forever. The journaling reads: The AFOA Holiday party will always hold a special place in my heart. At the suggestion of my adoption agency, I attended my first AFOA Holiday Party on December 7, 1996. I was in search of some answers to all the questions I had about international adoption. That night I stood in the buffet line surrounded by happy parents and even happier children. In front of me was a couple that had recently returned from China and was holding a baby with the biggest chocolate brown eyes Iíd ever seen. She looked me straight in the eye the whole time we waited in line, and likewise, I couldnít take my eyes off her. When I left the party three hours later, I had found the answers I had gone in search of. I knew my daughter was in China. It would take 20 more months of impatient waiting before I first held you in my arms, but not long after that to realize that your birth date, August 14, 1997, was 9 months after that fateful December night. The same month that you were conceived, the same month you began to grow in your birth motherís tummy, the same month you began to grow in my heart."

I think the adoption cardstock stickers would work well on this layout, or any layout that describes how the decision to adopt was made.