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This layout was done by me. It commemorates the readoption hearing in the state of Wisconsin.

The female judge paper piecing was further embellished by me by writing details on the scrolled document and also a nameplate for the judge.

I tried some more new techniques in this layout, both examples of paper folding. The border going up the left side and across the bottom were made by a precut folding product where all you had to do was fold over one piece of paper and tuck it into the opening next to it. This process was repeated for the entire length of the border. The cut and fold ruffle would make a pretty border too! The heart design in the lower left was made from scratch, were I was also responsible for the cutting. Each heart was only cut on one half so that the half heart could be folded along the center and tucked into the half heart next to it. I used a Coluzzle swivel knife for this project, but if I were better adept at using one, an Xacto knife may have worked better.

The title "Readoption Day" and the hearts were cut using the QuicKutz tool. Without access to a QuicKutz, you could also use the "create-a-title" letters and the Sizzix hearts to produce a similar look.