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This layout was done by me, after being inspired by a posting to the scrapandtell Yahoo group. It is not critical lifebook material, but I liked the extra bit of information and national pride that it presents. How neat it will be, as my daughter grows and learns the Pledge of Allegiance here in the United States, that children in Guatemala are also being taught the Guatemalan pledge of allegiance. . . and how she, a dual citizen, can be proud of her relationship to two countries!

I especially like the sticker in this layout because the sheet it comes from has four kids on it, of dark and light hair and dark and light skin, boys and girls.

To create the topper, I cut out two inner rectangles on the ends of a piece of vellum so that it would overlap the two photos underneath. The pledge is printed on vellum and placed over the photos and the Guatemalan flag paper piecing. The vellum is attached to the photos and mat underneath with fasteners. I decorated the scroll die cut with a ribbon, kind of like the ribbon that would tie the scroll closed when it is rolled.